Going 'En Primeur'

Earlier this year, Two Hands took its first step into the world of ‘En Primeur’ as an extension of the ‘Tour & Taste’ experience offered through Cellar Door.

The ‘En Primeur’ or ‘future wine’ system has been established in France since the 1980s when many of the top producers began selling their wine whilst it was still in barrel. Buying wine in this way is regarded as a solid investment for the wine enthusiast and also enforces the ‘supply and demand’ relationship.

Many wines of limited production are sold in this way without ever being released for sale in bottle to the general market; it is the guarantee of securing an allocation and ownership of a particular vintage of a wine, in the same way as you can secure your allocation through our Wine Club membership. Another feature to buying ‘En Primeur’ is that it also secures a special price for these wines.

It is very special to be able to taste the first exceptional release from our Holy Grail site from barrel, and to enable Two Hands enthusiasts to share in that excitement and secure their case right now. Always looking ten steps into the future… that’s just the Two Hands way.

'En Primeur'

Taste in the winery

These wines are available to taste in the winery. 
Bookings can be made by contacting Cellar Door.


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'En Primeur'

Ordering Wine

‘En Primeur’ wines are available to order online per six-bottle case.
Order today and wines will be delivered once they are ready for release.


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