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2018 Aerope Grenache

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Aerope represents the very best Grenache parcels crafted each vintage

Aerope, literally translated is ‘Lover of Ares’. In Greek Mythology Aerope, in wasa mortal princess loved by Ares. She bore him a son called Aeropos but sadlydied in childbirth. According to legend, Ares willed Aerope’s dead body toproduce an abundance of breastmilk to ensure Ares’ son lived.

Tasting Notes written by Two Hands Proprietor Michael Twelftree

“Deep concentrated purple. A warm and interesting aromatic profile hits you, glazedplums, tar, liquorice, honey, warm oil, creosote, dark chocolate, plum conserve, fresh mintand hand cut leather start the aromatic profile. The palate starts out thick and luscious butfinishes surprisingly light on its feet. This is at the extreme of the powerband but it holds itsshape throughout admiralty. The purity here is quite remarkable as this is the essence ofGrenache. This flavour profile is deep with very dark fruits with loads of persistence. WhatI love here is that with all that concentration, you don’t see any heat on the finish. Thetannins have a long sandalwood edge and are drying right to the end of the distinct and long finish. This is a very impressive Grenache, be it not for the faint hearted. I feel this willage very well as all the components are wound up very tightly in its youth.”

  • Technical Information
    Closure Type Cork
    Volume (ml) 750ml
    Varietal Grenache
    Region Barossa Valley
    Alcohol (% vol.) 14.2%