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The Odd Couple 6 pack

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The Odd Couple is a collaboration of two very old and dear friends, David Lloyd from Eldridge Estate in Mornington Peninsula and our Two Hands Proprietor, Michael Twelftree. The two have been friends for over 30 years and when Michael mentioned wanting to make a little Tasmanian Pinot Noir, David jumped at the chance to get on board, and the Odd Couple was born.

From the inaugural vintage 2021 we have two bottlings, one, the best from David’s Estate vineyard in Mornington and another from a mature Coal River Valley vineyard at Middle Tea Tree in Tasmania, both wines were made exactly the same way, so the true identity of both sights can come shining through. The Mornington is more red-fruited with finer tannins, while the Coal River Valley, is deep in colour, dark in fruit profile and the tannins are a little rounder.

This pack contains:
3 bottles of Coal River Valley, Tasmania, Pinot Noir
3 bottles of Morning Peninsula, Victoria, Pinor Noir