Winemaking Philosophy

Quality without compromise is central to the Two Hands philosophy, driving all the decisions from fruit and oak selection to packaging and promotion.

From the outset, Two Hands set out to be unique and innovative, this approach is reflected in everything from the names of the wines through to, not least, the wines themselves.  From small beginnings, the winery has been able to manage its growth organically whilst maintaining an absolute quality focus.

Premium fruit is sourced from the finest Shiraz growing regions in Australia, and Two Hands works closely with its estate vineyards and band of growers to ensure the full potential of each vineyard is reached.  We handle every parcel of fruit, however small, separately from crushing through to fermentation and oak maturation to ensure complexity and personality in the finished wines.

In its simplest form, it could be said that we squeeze the grapes and put them in a bottle. However, in practice there are many different steps and countless hours involved, from vineyard, through to winemaking, tasting, blending and maturation in order to make consistent, quality wines.

…we strive to produce wines that reflect their origin, meaning that they show the characteristics that we associate with the regions and vineyard sites from where the fruit was sourced.

Fruit is the primary feature of the wines, supported by the tannin and acid structure.  The wines are all a product of the vineyard, where Michael & Peter make all the picking decisions based on flavour and tannin ripeness in early morning walks through the harvest season from February to April each year.

Minimal intervention and oak handling thereafter allow the character of the fruit to shine through.  Six months after vintage, every barrel in the winery is blind-tasted by Michael and Chief Winemaker Richard and given a classification grade associated with its place in the Two Hands portfolio: from A+ to D (and anything C or below not used in Two Hands final production).  With this focus on detail, it means only the best barrels make it through and quality is maintained even in the toughest vintages, albeit at lower quantities.

At Two Hands, we are very lucky in that we love what we do, and hope this is communicated through our wines and the Two Hands philosophy.