Single Vineyard Series

Our Single Vineyard Series are exceptional examples of varietal definition and a unique sense of place which contributes to the complexity and personality of each wine

We’ve been strong proponents of regionality since the early days at Two Hands, showcasing how different the Shiraz grape can be through the six wines and six regions of the Garden Series. Through the Single Vineyard Series we’re taking regionality to the next level.

Our Single Vineyard Series of wines are simply named after the block (in the inimitable Two Hands style), the road and the township it comes from, and put it on a map so you can draw your own conclusions. In our notes we’ll show you the elevation, the soil type and aspect; soon we’ll even drive you out to the vineyards so you can taste the wines in situ on a Vineyard Experience.

One thing is for sure; the six wines are completely unique and let their personality and style of Shiraz shine through.

The world has so many vineyards but so few have the X-factor, these are great sites that come to the fore each vintage.

Spotlight On

Holy Grail Shiraz

The pinnacle of our wine production, the Holy Grail is our estate vineyard situated along Seppeltsfield Road, or as we affectionately call it ‘Avenue of Hopes & Dreams’ in the sub-region of Seppeltsfield, Barossa Valley. A Single Vineyard very dear to our heart as it is from our own Estate, the Holy Grail Shiraz is an intensely aromatic wine with an elegance and length on the palate that is truly captivating.


Our Wine

Our range is extensive, as we crush grapes on the estate from distinct regions across Australia, making wines from many different varietals across the four series in our portfolio.