Spirit of Place

Spirit of Place refers to the unique, distinctive and cherished aspects of a place.

In the heart of the Barossa Valley, nestled amidst the sub-region of Ebenezer, there exists a hidden gem— a 100+ year-old Shiraz vineyard. Hand cultivated since 1918, its gnarled vines tell tales of generations past, each carrying the wisdom & spirit of more than a century of pioneering growers and farmers. In our 2021 growing season, one block of Shiraz stood as the embodiment of this mystical place, it’s quality too good to ignore. Thus ‘Spirit of Place’ was created, a Shiraz that reflects the distinctive red brown clay soil and embodies over a century of viticultural history and pioneering spirit.

Over the journey of the past 20+ years Two Hands Wines has never been afraid of doing things differently and forging its own path. The 2021 Spirit of Place shiraz release is no exception. The wine is presented in a unique broad-shouldered, Bordelaise style bottle shape, a reinterpretation of the hand-blown-glass that enclosed the grands crus of yesteryear, and wax sealed. The label reflects the beauty and fragility of the centenarian vines our growers carefully tend.

A unique chapter
of the Two Hands story

Available now for $150 this limited and exclusive release is integral to any Two Hands collection, and is purchasable both online and at cellar door.

If you are planning to visit us, please book your tasting experience to sample this exceptional wine and be sure to add a few bottles to your cellar.



an exceptional vintage

Sub-region of Barossa: Ebenezer
Vine age: 103 years
Soil type: Alluvial red-brown clay loam over hard red clay
Elevation: 292m
Average rainfall: 490 mm

The wines produced from the 2021 vintage in the Barossa Valley are nothing short of extraordinary. Reds are characterized by their deep color, intense aromas, and a complex interplay of fruit, spice, and tannins.


Centenarian vines

Barossa is home to some of the oldest continuously producing vineyards in the world. Their gnarled and weathered trunks, like sentinels of the past, have endured the harsh Australian sun and seasons, producing grapes of unparalleled depth and character.
As custodians of these treasured assets, Barossan grape growers have carefully and respectfully managed these vines over multiple generations. Each with their own story to tell we are privileged to be able to capture their essence and sense of place.

Centenarian vines are vines that are equal of greater then 100 years of age.



Ebenezer is located in the far north of the Barossa and was settled in 1852. As a sub-region, it experiences cool nights and warm summer days.The soils of red-brown clay loam of consistent depth and texture, culminate in wines of opulent late palate and velvety tannins.

Families have farmed the vineyards of Ebenezer for over 150 years. This wine stands tall in the wonderful 2021 vintage, it carries a richness and power that is unique to the Northern reaches of the Barossa Valley.