Museum Wines

Including rare back vintage wines, magnums and larger formats.

Our wines at Two Hands are crafted to last. There is nothing quite like the appreciation of opening a treasured gem that has been ageing gracefully in your cellar and savouring the development of the aromas and palate over the months and years.

As wine ages, air moves through the cork, and the air interacts with the flavours, aromas and palate structure of the wine. In large format bottles such as magnums, double magnums and Imperials, there is the same small cork, but a much larger volume of wine. The result is that large bottles age at half the speed of their smaller 750ml cousins.

To that end, we bottle limited quantities of our Garden Series, Single Vineyard Series and Flagship wines in large formats because we value tradition and love the grace and elegance of our wines aged in these larger bottles. We make the effort each vintage to carefully store a small quantity of each wine we produce. Opening an aged bottle of wine to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or special day makes for a truly memorable experience.

Stock of our Museum is very limited and whilst we will go to every effort to fulfill your request please note we may not have a particular vintage or wine available. Whether you are searching for a particular back vintage or large format bottle, enquire now using the button below and we will let you know what is available.