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As the warmer spring weather slowly turns to summer the team are in full swing leading up to the busy Christmas period.

Speaking of which, now is a great time to take get prepared and stock up on your favourite Two hands wines in preparation for the Christmas/New Year season ahead. We have some special offers happening at the moment, our representatives are getting in touch with a quick phone call, yes a phone call. It might seem a bit old fashioned to some, but we like to reach out from time to time and let everyone know we have some special deals on current and museum releases. So, if you get a call please be assured it is from Two Hands. Otherwise you are welcome to click the big red BUY WINE button in the top right corner to get your order in to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Read on below to get updates on what is happening around the business with some exciting announcements and a couple of sneaky new wines!



Single Vineyard Series lovers we have some exciting news for you!

We have not one, but two new additions to the series. The almighty 2021 vintage has blessed us once again as we were able to capture the magic of so many amazing parcels of fruit in what was an outstanding year.

Firstly, we have Cleo’s Block Shiraz. Sourced from a small section within the Holy Grail vineyard planted with a rare heritage clone of Shiraz propagated from a very famous Clare Valley vineyard planted in 1891, with our beautiful Scottish Highlander Cleo on the label.

MT says, “Deep red to purple in colour, a wonderful perfume bursts forth, notes of mint, dried herb, flower shop, lavender, menthol, cherries, fresh tobacco and ginger lift slowly from the glass”.

The palate is in a medium power bank of velvety and soft textured fruits, this is the quintessential Barossa Shiraz but in a more feminine style, a lovely lick of soft acidity sets the scene, the concentrated reds fruits poke all over your palate. Slowly,  gravelly iodine infused tannins emerge and sets up the late palate texture. This is a ballerina in a body builders costume, as elegance reigns supreme, this is a magic carpet ride and I find the whole packing just so interesting. This has such a great core of fruit that it will age very slowly over the long term, it’s hard to keep your hands off it, so it won’t last long once opened and decanted. Yum.

The other new addition is the first non-Shiraz wine added to the lineup since 2014. Ziggy’s Block Cabernet Sauvignon, named after MT’s Dachshund & best mate Ziggy. This Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a growers vineyard in the western village of Greenock and was suggested to us as showing Single Vineyard potential by good friends & neighbours Paulmara.

MT says; “Deep impenetrable black in colour. Intoxicating aromas of bay leaf, fresh liquorice, clove, nutmeg, blood orange, black fruits, graphite, pomegranate and menthol.”

The palate is immediately thick, luscious and coating, this wine moves slowly through your mouth with a real swagger. A rich core of deep dark fruits seamlessly unfurls along the complete length of your palate, this is a wine not for the faint hearted with a kaleidoscope of colours and reflections. The most remarkable aspect of this wine is its enduring length, its mirrors Ziggy’s shape (he is a Dachshund) as the body of the wine is over extended and incredibly long. The tannins are seamless and amazingly unnoticeable at first, on later refection they are so full of fruit that they simply reverberate all over the place. Wow, this is stunningly brilliant Cabernet Sauvignon and it will reward the people with the patience to age it.

Both of these wines are available online now and will be in our tasting room from next week. To get a chance to try these wines yourself, book an Unearthed Singular Sites experience.

For those who are members of the Single Vineyard Series Wine Club, your next pack, due in April 2024, will continue to be made up of the core six wines you know and love. For more information on the Two Hands Wine Club click HERE.



It is very important time in the vineyard as Peter and his team closely monitor the development for the 2024 harvest. With a bout of warmer weather the vineyards have moved in to the next stage of the season. Flowering is now happening across all of our estate vineyards and the 2024 harvest is shaping up to be a good one.

DID YOU KNOW? Grape vines possess both male and female reproductive parts, they can self pollinate so do not rely on bees for pollination.

Our in-house content creator Brad has been capturing some great images in the vineyard like this one taken from the Cabernet block of our Holy Grail vineyard. If you enjoy this kind of content make sure to follow us on socials using the links at the top or bottom of this page.



Last month we asked for your help by voting for us in the 2024 AHCS calendar and we are pleased to announce that our image has made the final cut! Brad’s photo of Clementine will be featured for the month of December & if you love Highlander cows as much as we do you can order your calendar now via this LINK.

Our second baby calf of the season was born two weeks ago to complete the class of 2023, welcome Dusty! Rusty and Dusty will grow up at Holy Grail vineyard and welcome Vineyard Experience guests over the next 12 months.

Michael! Our illustrious leader, Two Hands founder along with his best bud dachshund Ziggy.

MT came to the wine industry from a construction background after developing his passion over many years attending wine tastings and founded Two Hands in 1999. Michael has a well-known love for all wine and he spends many weeks a year travelling to taste some of the greatest wines from the most revered wine regions of the globe, adding to his personal (and impressive) cellar along the way. From day one, Michael’s role has been multifaceted being involved in the day to day running of Two Hands from vineyard management through to winemaking and production. With a flair for marketing and creativity, Michael is always injecting fresh ideas and constantly nutting out new ways to keep the brand evolving.

Ziggy! MT’s beloved 2-year-old standard Dachshund. He will greet you with his famous swagger and once he warms up will let you stroke his velvety ears. We also think he looks pretty great on a Single Vineyard label!

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