Instinctively Curious

Talking Two Hands Wines
A podcast in collaboration with Harvey Steiman

Over the years we’ve sent a biannual print newsletter to our friends and trading partners throughout the world called ‘Instinct’. The pandemic has allowed us to explore different ways to communicate and share the Two Hands story.

So, to that end, we’re delighted to introduce the first of what we hope to be an ongoing project for us, our new Podcast, ‘Instinctively Curious’.

The first iteration is the brainchild of Proprietor Michael Twelftree who conspired a collaboration with one of the great wine luminaries of the world and long-time friend of Two Hands, Harvey Steiman.


Ep. 1, What it took to make Two Hands come together.

Founder and proprietor Michael Twelftree in conversation with Harvey Steiman, September 21, 2021. 


Ep.2, Bringing out distinction and unique character from every wine.

Winemaker Richard Langford in conversation with Harvey Steiman, September 29, 2021

Ep. 3, Connecting the vineyard with the wine glass.

Viticulturist Travis Coombe in conversation with Harvey Steiman, September 30, 2021

Ep 4, How a Frenchman brought experience in the Rhône to a new life in Australia managing Two Hands.

General Manager and Director of Sales Pierre-Henri Morel in conversation with Harvey Steiman, October 5, 2021

Ep 5,  Striving to capture expressions of place in every wine.

Founder and proprietor Michael Twelftree in conversation with Harvey Steiman, October 8, 2021.

Of the podcast, MT shared this story:

“I spend a lot of time in my car, driving to the winery, to vineyards, to my place on South Australian coast, and I pass the countless hours listening to podcasts. I mainly listen to podcasts about wine and wineries of the world and so, I thought we should try to produce a few ourselves, as I wanted to try a new avenue to connect with our many markets around the world in the second year of COVID and border closures.

Harvey Steiman is a dear friend that I have known for many years. Harvey and his wife and I always make time to share a great meal whenever our paths cross; be it in NYC, Hawaii, here in Australia or at their home base in San Francisco. I was thrilled when Harvey agreed to moderate our podcast as Harvey’s wine knowledge is second to none and I have always respected the way he went about his business. He has had a storied career in print and radio covering some of the best things in life, food, wine and music!

I am very happy with the outcome and am amazed at the technology that allowed us to record easily from the winery in Marananga and Harvey in San Francisco.”

So please, sit back with a glass of our wine, discover the Two Hands story and learn more about the team that goes into the making of Two Hands Wines.

For those of you not lucky enough to know Harvey Steiman, until his retirement in 2019 Harvey was editor at large of Wine Spectator, the leading wine magazine in America. His wine-tasting responsibilities for 25 years included Australia, New Zealand, Washington and Oregon, and he wrote extensively on restaurants, wine pairing, and profiles of prominent figures in food and wine.